Vol. 11 No. 4 (2024): Vol-12-Issue-4-April-2024

The International Journal of Research (IJR) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that covers a wide range of academic disciplines and research areas. With the ISSN 2348-6848, it provides a platform for scholars, researchers, and academicians to publish their original research findings, reviews, case studies, and theoretical perspectives.

IJR aims to foster the dissemination of high-quality research across diverse fields including but not limited to:

  1. Science and Technology: This encompasses various branches of science such as physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, engineering, and technology-related disciplines.

  2. Social Sciences: It covers areas like sociology, psychology, economics, political science, anthropology, education, and communication studies.

  3. Humanities: This includes literature, philosophy, history, cultural studies, linguistics, and other aspects of human culture and society.

  4. Management and Business Studies: It focuses on research related to management theories, business strategies, organizational behavior, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship.

  5. Health Sciences: This involves research in medicine, public health, nursing, pharmacy, nutrition, and other allied health fields.

The journal follows a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the quality and validity of published articles. It aims to promote scholarly exchange and facilitate the advancement of knowledge in various academic domains.

IJR is committed to promoting interdisciplinary research and welcomes contributions from scholars worldwide. It provides a platform for researchers to share their insights, findings, and innovations, thereby contributing to the advancement of their respective fields and fostering academic dialogue and collaboration on a global scale.

Published: 2024-04-06