Open Access Policy

Open Access Policy: International Journal of Research (IJR)

  • Journal Title: International Journal of Research (IJR)
  • ISSN: 2348-6848 (Online), 2348-795X (Print)
  • Publication Frequency: Monthly
  • Type: International peer-reviewed, internationally refereed, online, open-access journal
  • Scope: IJR publishes research across a wide array of disciplines including Engineering, Science, and Humanities. It is committed to showcasing the work of Scientists, Engineers, Architects, Planners, Practitioners, Administrators, Scholars, and students at both graduate and postgraduate levels.

Key Features of Open Access Policy:

  • Universal Access: IJR adheres to the ideology that high-quality information should be universally accessible. As part of its open-access commitment, the journal ensures that all published articles are freely available to everyone immediately upon publication.
  • Cost: There is no charge for readers to access the articles, nor are there submission fees for authors. This facilitates unrestricted access to research materials, promoting a broader dissemination of information.
  • Rapid Publication: Recognizing the importance of timely dissemination of scientific information, IJR strives to publish research without delay following a fast and high-quality peer review process.
  • Peer Review: Submissions undergo a rigorous double-blind peer review by an expert panel from various fields, ensuring the maintenance of high academic standards and relevance.
  • Plagiarism Check: All submitted papers are meticulously checked for plagiarism to maintain the integrity of the work published.
  • Submission Guidelines: Authors are invited to submit their unpublished research papers that align with the journal’s scope and submission guidelines. Papers should meet the general criteria of significance and excellence in the field.
  • Accessibility: Published articles are available online without any form of restriction, providing a platform for researchers to read and share new developments in their fields.

Contact and Submission Details:

  • Submission Email:
  • Access to Journal: Articles can be accessed directly through the journal’s platform, and there is no cost associated with accessing or downloading the content.

IJR aims to foster a global exchange of knowledge by ensuring that all research outputs are freely accessible, thus contributing to a more informed and connected scholarly community.