Magnitudes of Media & Obfuscation effect on Policymaking: Importance to regulate the misinformation generate by Media


  • Jyotsana Mahor


Post World War media engagement increase to form the opinions encounter rational shift in building societal integration. Communication advances were made through wire and radio leading to  promoted & improved electronic aid for navigation. This paper distinctly center around the potency of media in fast changing world scanerio. How media create the perception of the people by deceptive coverage that have direct impact on Public Policy. Additionally, Conclusive extractive focal point of this paper is can public policy regulate misinformation of media. Measures to synchronize the media with accurate message express to public that will help policymakers during the implementation process. This study assess responsibility aspect of media must account under Public Policy. This paper explore different factors determining or influencing media coverage and effecting Policymaking. Also, interpret how political consensus changes and affect media coverage. The crucial nature of the political system is from time to time manipulating the media to conquer the electoral system, how media must contain themselves in a constantly changing political atmosphere and maintain ethics of journalism.