Significance of Policy implementation with efficacious Influence of Policy monitoring in India from 1983 - 2020


  • Jyotsana Mahor


Effective Policy demands the accurate implementation with focused and strong capability of monitoring mechanism during the entire implementation process. Policy implementation is defined as the process of translating a policy into actions and inference into substantial consequences through several projects and programmes. The focus of this paper is how Policy Monitoring influences the process of Policy cycle that needs to constantly revolve around while implementation process is occurring; consider the effective monitoring system to ensure the correct implementation of Policy under best supervision of bureaucrats whose job is to rectify the errors immediately before bigger flounders. Furthermore, this paper objective first encounters the concept & importance of Policy implementation that incorporates the monitoring aspect as an extremely valuable interpretation for the success of any Public Policy. Examine the conditions for effective Policy and monitoring approaches as essential requirements for prosperous and impressive Policy implementation will be discussed.