Portrayal of Human Relationships in Hard Times novel by Charles Dickens


  • Ahmed Flayih Hassan


This paper means to show that Charles Dickens' Hard Times (1854) is a chronicle written in story style. A horrendous private enterprise that focuses on coherent thinking, numerical exactness, and understand ability chasing benefit is contrary to a cheerful humanism that is established on completeness, recuperating, compassion, and festivity in Hard Times. Acquiring friendship and regard, as well as meeting mental, stylish, and self-realization requests, are among Hard Times' numerous deterrents.  It exhibits this and stresses how an absence of ethics and feelings brings about uncaring connections between people, including those among bosses and workers, instructors and understudies, and changes men into wanton people who are just worried about cement and materials, putting a lot of their lives, human qualities, and standards, aside.