Cultural Labyrinth in Anita Desai's Novel Bye - Bye Blackbird


  • Ahmed Flayih Hassan


Anita Desai, an author from the Indian Diaspora, has charted the problem that afflicts the immigrant community's sensitive soul. Through an objective analysis of Bye-Bye Blackbird, this essay also aims to draw attention to these aspects of the book. Desai elucidated the plight of those in Exile and the Diaspora caught amid society's transformational dilemma. The essay attempts, in her masterful style, to represent the Exile's chaos and strife, and it demonstrates how her novel depicts the perspective of Exile literary and Indian Diasporic writing. The main Cultural Labrinth in the Novel “Bye Bye Black Bird” we find Sarah's Conundrum of Self-Esteem, Taking an English Girl as My Wife, The Ultimate Call