BAG for BUD (कृषि झोला)


  • Bijaya Upadhya


Most of the Nepalese people of rural and disaster occurred areas are struggling for basic needs. They do not have sufficient and balance diet food, no or good education and sufficient structure for making good health. Farmers are reluctant to farming and rearing animals in an improved way. Livelihood of Nepalese farmers in present scenario, people of remote areas and were affected by disaster or natural calamities are somewhat being equal to dormant buds or they are just doing the conventional farming system.  For improvement on farming system BAG for BUD, a concept of agriculture project should be developed. It is bag of agriculture which consists of all agriculture input.  BUD is a dormant bud. To convert them into active phase support in a need basis is utmost need. Nepalese agriculture practices are based on mixed farming system (MFS) and support should be provided as per its component. To enhance technical as well as economic aspect of farmers from the time of preproduction to marketing, support by different agencies can convert them into active stage. Technical assists should be provided from village level technical staff of different field. To ensure them agriculture is profitable business, technical staffs on risk from initial phase will make a plan including payback period. Method and Result demonstration approach on mixed farming system should be incorporated.