Evolution of Bord and Pillar Mining System Cm Technology in Coal Mines


  • Gundaboina Karthik
  • Mr.Vinay Kumar Patel


In Indian underground mines by conventional mining the loss of coal is more and the safety also less so the many underground mines planning to introduction of the use of the Continuous miner in bord and pillar mining method. The Continuous miner technology helps in achieving high production and faster rate of extraction with safety. The continuous miners use the shuttle car to transfer the coal from face to feeder breaker, quadbolter for bolting operations by using these automobiles and remote controlled continuous miner hence the man power is less and productivity will increase and safety is more. The present study has been aimed for optimizing continuous miner operations and optimizing the continuous miner utilization under different conditions.




2022-06-08 — Updated on 2022-06-11