Real Time Gas Monitoring Using Wire Less Sensor Network Underground Coal Mines


  • Gundaboina Karthik
  • Vinay Kumar Patel


The security of excavators is a main issue in this day and age. Diggers' wellbeing is hurt by an assortment of variables, including unsound and off-kilter secret exercises and abnormal burdens, weighty instruments and hardware, harmful residue and synthetic substances, gas or residue blasts, inappropriate utilization of explosives, gas inebriations, imploding of mine designs, electrical consumes, fires, flooding, rock tumbles from rooftops and side dividers, and mistakes from failing or inappropriately utilized mining gear. Canaries and little creatures were utilized in the past to distinguish gases, yet they didn't uncover the real condition of the mines, in this manner mine security was not guaranteed. Thus, an observing framework in light of the ZigBee remote sensor network innovation is required. The observing framework is separated into two sections: the sensor unit and the checking unit. The sensor unit will be introduced underneath, and the observing unit will be introduced over the mines, where checking will occur. The Sensor unit is first introduced in the mine's subsurface region. Where info is gotten from sensors like the MQ-2 sensor for methane (CH4), the MQ-136 sensor for hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and the MQ-5 sensor for flammable gases. The Microcontroller Module then, at that point, analyzes them to their limit esteem, and assuming the worth is more prominent than the edge esteem, the Buzzer starts to ring, while information is shown in the Display module and shipped off the Monitor unit's Wireless Communication Module, for example end gadget or facilitator, by means of the Wireless Communication Module of the Sensor unit, for example switch. Subsequently, the exploration might have the option to help the diggers in getting break from any setbacks, consequently saving their lives. The contraption is equipped for a wide assortment of systems administration capacities. The data may likewise be put something aside for future exploration. With a value scope of Rs. 6,500 to 7,000/ - , the device is likewise solid and cost effective.