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International Journal of Research (IJR) with ISSN 2348-6848 (Online) and 2348-795X (Print) is an international peer reviewed, internationally refereed, online, open-access journal published monthly. International Journal of Research (IJR) represents a revolution in scholarly journal publishing platform. A pioneering effort in liberal, open access publishing with fast and high quality peer review that brings journal publishing to the doorstep of every researcher and student. We believe that quality information should be free and accessible universally in this day and age. The ideology of an open-access journal is in being free for all and IJR will be free for all to read and share.
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IJR takes special care to publish your research paper/article without any delay. Our journal aims to bring out the latent research talent and the professional work done by Scientists, Engineers, Architects, Planners, Practitioners, Administrators, Scholars, Graduate and Post Graduate students across all fields. This journal welcomes the submission of your research papers that meet our submission guidelines and the general criteria of significance and excellence in the field of Engineering, Science and Humanities. Submitted articles are peer reviewed by our panel of experts from various fields. All submitted papers are double-checked for plagiarized content. Please note that all submissions need to be previously unpublished.

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Vol. 11 No. 7 (2024): Vol-11-Issue-7-July-2024

The International Journal of Research (IJR), with ISSN 2348-6848 for its online edition and 2348-795X for its print edition, stands as a global, peer-reviewed, and open-access journal published monthly. IJR is at the forefront of a paradigm shift in scholarly publishing, championing a liberal, open-access model with swift, high-quality peer review processes. This approach democratizes access to scholarly works, placing the power of research publication into the hands of every researcher and student. At IJR, we uphold the belief that in today’s digital age, quality information should be universally accessible and free for all. Our open-access philosophy ensures that IJR's content is free to read and share, breaking barriers to knowledge dissemination.

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Published: 2024-07-04


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