The Jordanian Economy in Light of the Digital Economy


  • Dr. Amer Abd-alkareem Ibrahim Almajali


The aim of the research is to define the digital economy and shed light on the reality of the digital economy and the requirements for its success in Jordan The digital economy is among the new economies that have been closely linked to the extent of technology development in the world, It expresses a future vision for a world in which information is the basic pillar of the economy and human relations, as it is entirely built on a high-quality digital infrastructure. This research concluded that Jordan is one of the first countries that paid attention to it the digital economy it also developed during the year 2020 the infrastructure in communications and information systems, and Jordan began a comprehensive improvement of internal systems such as the electronic sales system, the electronic payment system, and the postal system. And the customs system, and the research recommended the need to pay attention to future updates regarding the digital economy, it also recommended paying attention to entrepreneurship and establishing special centers in schools and universities that care about entrepreneurs and developing their ideas, in addition to reducing the digital divide throughout Jordan.