Role of Perceptual Belief on Purchase Attitude of Public Towards Electric Vehicles: Evidence from Emerging Market


  • Kevin S Chittilappilly
  • Dr Sreesha C. H.


Electric vehicles are playing a major role in cutting the emissions that is creating a serious impact on atmosphere. They are contributing to the sustainable development. It is necessary to measure the perceptual belief of the people about Electric vehicles, understand the awareness of people about electric vehicles, identify the purchase attitude and the role of grants provided by the government on purchase attitude.Therefore, the present study aimed at understanding the role of perceptual behaviour on the purchase attitude of the public towards electric vehicles. 100 questionnaires were collected from the public  and the perceived belief and the purchase attitude was measured, compared and analysed using Correlation. The role of grants provided by the government for EV adaptation and its effects on the purchase attitude was analysed using Anova. The study showed that there is less relation between perceptual belief and the purchase attitude of the people towards EV and Grants and subsidies provide do not influence the purchase attitude highly. The perceptual belief and the role can be understood through the findings of the study.