Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Welding Parameters on Mild Steel Specimens in MIG Welding Process Alongwith Metallurgical and Mechanical Analysis


  • Sachin Dhull
  • Vikash


In metal inert gas welding method, an arc is established between a continuous fed filler wire electrode and the workpiece. In the present paper mild steel was used as a base metal to carry out the MIG welding for study of metallurgical and mechanical behaviour of welded joint. The chemical composition, microstructure and Vickers microhardness examination was conducted. The effect of welding parameters on welding outcome and microhardness value for weld, parent and HAZ of mild steel was calculated. The microstructure of parent metal consisted of fine grains of ferrite and pearlite and banding of pearlite was observed. The microhardness is very high near the interface ie 240 and it get reduced to 237 as the distance from the interface increased and become constant ie 236 in the parent base materials, in the parent base materials the hardness is high near the interface which may be due to the formation of some intemetallic compounds.