Work Life Balance of Working Women in Education Sector


  • Ms. Nisha
  • Dr. Surbhi Jain


Work and family life, both are the important sides for any of the employee to control. This is a type of situation where an employee needs to justice the status between personal & professional lives. They need to know  how much & how long they need to work hard so that in the end it will be a win- win situation for an employee in the connection with satisfaction from work & personal life both. The notion of Work life Balance is important to understand, especially in the case of female employees because in today era, women are not doing only household activities; they are also working outside to earn a living. Women are working in every field, even though historically reserved for men. This research is about to study the concept of work life balance, to study relationship between social and demographic factors with work life balance and to examine various factors responsible for the work life balance position of working women.