Role of Fintech Startups in Economic Growth with Special Reference to Phoebe


  • Avany Dubey
  • Dev Maghani
  • Ankith Kumar
  • Lakshmi. P



Fintech startups are known for their innovative approach to financial products and services. PhonePe, for example, offers a range of services beyond basic digital payments, including mutual fund investments, insurance, and more. This innovation encourages consumers to explore and use a variety of financial instruments, contributing to the growth of the financial sector. Financial services have been hit hard by cyber commotion, but it also opened up a host of new opportunities for people from all walks of life. This digital disruption has pushed us people further on the track of monetary enclosure, which now stood as a key In the previous span, this was a popular topic of discussion in India all thanks and credit goes to the leader’s growing willingness for fiscal insertion within marginalized groups.