Experimental Study on Strength of Pervious Concrete by Using Sugarcane Bagasse ash and Rise Husk Ash


  • Dipali Jaiswal


The main aim of our project is to improve the strength characteristics of pervious concrete. But it can be noted that with increase in strength. Hence, the improvement of strength should not affect the strength property because it is the property which serves its purpose. In this investigation work the compressive strength of pervious concrete is increased by a compressive strength of pervious concrete is increased by 13.92% for 28 days when 12% RHA was replaced in the place of cement s were added to standard pervious concrete Pervious concrete is a special type of concrete, which consists of cement, coarse aggregates, water and if required and other cementations materials. As there are no fine aggregates used in the concrete matrix, the void content is more which allows the water to flow through its body. So the pervious concrete is also called as Permeable concrete.