Determination of lead in water from reservoirs for human supply using atomic absorption spectrometry


  • Douglas G. da Silva
  • Darlene P. dos Santos
  • Evellyn C. G. Souza
  • Sulene A. Araújo
  • Augusto C. M. Aleluia


This paper describes a procedure for the determination of Pb in water by employing a solid-phase preconcentration system using flame atomic absorption spectrometry (F AAS). The procedure was based on percolation of the sample onto a polyurethane foam support loaded with the complexing agent 2-(6'-methyl-2'-benzothiazolylazo)chromotropic (Me-BTANC). The applied method showed a linearity range from 5.0 to 30 µg L-1 and detection and quantification limits of 1.32 and 4.23 µg L-1, respectively, with excellent precision and accuracy. The mean concentration of Pb quantified in waters of the Anajé-BA reservoir was 12.00 µg L-1 for the rainy period, while for the dry period the mean concentration found was 9.10 µg L-1.