Teaching and Learning during and post COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria


  • Dr. A. D. Shofoyeke
  • Omale Monday
  • Egbeja Mathew Monday


Coronavirus broke out in China in 2019 and has since spread across the world to become a pandemic that affected all the facets of the world economy, health, education and other social services. To curtail the spread of the disease various measures such as lockdown, closure of schools, international bothers among others. While learning was taking place remotely in developed countries during the school closures, such was not the case in Nigeria. The need to ensure resilient education in Nigeria arises by adopting online teaching and learning to complement face-to-face teaching. This paper discussed two major online learning methods namely synchronous and asynchronous; the means of delivering online sessions such as webinar, web-based, live stream. It further examined the various online applications and electronic media used to facilitate learning, benefits, challenges and sustainability is.  The paper recommends that ministries of education should imbibe new normal in teaching and learning and ensure sustainability by accessibility to all students, build capacity of teachers/lecturers and students, and provide relevant online infrastructure, provide means of affordability, among others.