Admissibility of Evidence Produced Via Modern Devices and Techniques: A Look in Pakistani Prospective.


  • Afrasiab Ahmed Rana


The time flies and had approached an era where every walk of life is being surrounded by Computer and other allied techniques. The evidence collected through modern computer devices was admissible in evidence in many developed legal systems but study of judgments and decisions of apex courts of Pakistan transpires that the law of evidence in Pakistan has also widely allowed decisions of cases on evidence collected and generated through modern devices. However, there are some valuable techniques i.e polygraph test and FMRI which are not honored by Pakistani legal system to produce admissible evidence so Pakistan shall build laboratories and judges shall have to establish a judicial mind set in order to utilize evidence gathered through modern devices. This article is analysis of judicial dictums of Pakistani Apex Courts before the Judge Arshad Malik`s video scandal`s case titled Istiaq Ahmad Mirza vs Federation of Pakistan (PLD 2019 SC675) regarding the admissibility of scientific evidence of different kinds