Linear Algebra: A Way Defined for Image Processing and Networking


  • Prof. Karve Sagar Jagannath


Mathematicians who specialize in linear algebra study vectors, vector spaces (also known as linear spaces), mappings (sometimes referred to as linear transformations), and equation systems in linear form. Linear algebra and matrices are investigated in this work. A similarity matrix is used to investigate the connection between digital image processing and linear algebra, and problems with packet delivery involving linear algebra matrices are also addressed. Also, solve the traffic congestion by proposing Convolutional Neural Network-Convolutional-Long Short-Term Memory (CNN-ConvLSTM). The results provide the lowest Mean Squared Error (MSE) and Mean Absolute Error (MAE) values are 0.18521 and 0.15362 on weekdays, respectively. It is also provided the lowest MSE, and MAE values are 0.65650 and 0.90678 on weekends.