A Study on “Quality of Work Life” with Special Reference to Hetero Ltd (Hyderabad)


  • Vellapu Varsha
  • S. Rajani


Quality of work life is a critical concept with having lots of importance in employee’s life. Quality of work life indicates a proper balance both in work and personal life which also ensure organizational productivity and employee’s job satisfaction. This research study attempted to find out the factors that have an impact and significance influence on quality of work life of employees. Quality of work life is a process in an organization which enables its members at all levels to participate actively and effectively in shaping organizational environment, methods and outcomes. This study focuses on the subjective matter of QWL i.e. its key elements like job security, job performance, employee satisfaction etc. The study concluded that an appropriate organization culture, compensation policy, career growth and relative facilities can leads to a satisfied employee mindset which ensure the overall organization productivity.