Area Optimized VLSI Architecture of an Improved Using Watchdog Timer sklansky adder


  • Mamedi Saidheeraj
  • G. Dhanalakshmi
  • K. Rajesh
  • D. Srinivas


Embedded systems in safety-critical applications must be extremely reliable. Such systems utilize external watchdog clocks to manage and recover from operational time-related issues. The overwhelming majority of external watchdog timers need extra hardware to change their timeout durations and provide very limited capabilities. This article describes the structure and construction of a sophisticated configurable watchdog timer. Using the sklansky adder adder, which is suitable for safety-critical applications. The watchdog has many defect detection algorithms built in, which contributes to its resilience. Because of its generic capabilities and operations. You may use it to keep tabs on the functioning of any real-time system that relies on a CPU.  In addition, the implementation of the recommended watchdog timer is explored. This makes the design adaptable to a number of applications and reduces the overall cost of the system. The simulation results are used to evaluate the error detection and correction capabilities of the suggested watchdog timer. Errors are introduced into the program while the processor is running to validate the design in real-time hardware, and conclusions are formed.