The Original Scientific Article and its Relevant Aspects: Brief Notes.


  • Dr Wilfredo Molina Wills


The importance of an original scientific article is given by the relevance of its findings, which can confirm, refute previous research or bring new knowledge to science. Its conclusions represent an advance for the possible solutions to the study problem and, the objectives set in the research. The original scientific article due to its characteristics, scope and, contributions to the scientific world, presents structural conditions very different from the review articles, the latter being relegated mainly to academic studies. In such a way, depending on the impact of the journal, review articles may or may not be accepted for publication. In the absence of sufficiently explored knowledge in areas of science, the original scientific article always provides novel elements that not only have an impact on the general public but also the specialized one. It translates into an informative compendium seen through the perspective and the contributions of the author that translate into generators of new knowledge. In this way, it is original. The answers to the research questions and the objectives of the study have a novel perspective where the author's ideas are the product of a reflective, analytical and synthetic process, which leads through the systematic and critical process to discover new facts, discuss the importance of the findings and infer conclusions.