Controlled Drilling Techniques-Some Regular Monitoring Process Should be Enculcated for Drill Hole Deviation


  • Chennam Vijay Raju
  • Mr. Vinay Kumar Patel


Drilling performance monitoring and optimization are crucial in increasing the overall NPV of an oil and gas project. Even after rigorous planning, drilling phase of any project can be hindered by unanticipated problems, such as bit balling. The objective of this paper is to implement artificial intelligence technique to develop a smart model for more accurate and robust real-time drilling performance monitoring and optimization. For this purpose, the back propagation, feed forward neural network model was developed to predict rate of penetration (ROP) using different input parameters such as weight on bit, rotations per minute, mud flow (GPM) and differential pressures. The heavy hitter features identification and dimensionality reduction are performed to understand the impacts of each of the drilling parameters on ROP. This will be used to optimize the input parameters for model development and validation and performing the operation optimization when bit is underperforming.