A Study On Application of Strategic Planning Models and operations Research Techniques in Opencast Mining


  • Vemula Phaneeshwar
  • Mr. Vinay Kumar Patel


Given areas of strength for the for coal, either as anticipated by Coal Vision 2025 or as detailed in the assessments of the Administrative Ministries of Coal Consuming Sectors, a critical need to improve coal supply from native sources is felt. Considering this, a coal creation plan has been conceived for a few 'Plan Periods' from now on. Past the all around rehearsed automated extraction of coal holds utilizing ordinary advances, new ways for taking advantage of CBM and in-situ gasification of coal from difficult to reach sources should be investigated. Coal India has set up an auxiliary called "Coal Videsh" to buy coal from worldwide sources to supplement the accessibility of more excellent coal of both coking and noncoking grades. The auxiliary's job is to accumulate data about mines in different nations and, by means of the acquisition of unfamiliar stock in coking coal properties, to set up for direct import to close the hole.