Mining Geodesy And Geophysics


  • Gola Munda
  • Mr. Vinay Kumar Patel


The technology of mining geophysics is advancing rapidly in methodology, instrumentation and interpretation techniques. A surprising diversity of approach exists in a number of methods, because of differences in the local geological, geophysical, topographic or even socio-political setting. A general trend is towards the simultaneous gathering of increasingly large amounts of independent geophysical data in airborne, ground or borehole surveys. The resultant challenge is to extract the maximum amount of useful geological information from the mass of field data generated by these surveys. Increasingly, computers perform the task of routine interpretation, using either direct inversion programs or automatic selection from a family of theoretical models. Minicomputers are routinely employed in the control of multisensor airborne systems and in the recording of their output in digital form on magnetic tape. Some simple data manipulation is even being done by such minicomputers in real time prior to recording. Microprocessors are being increasingly incorporated into field portable geophysical instruments for surface and borehole surveys.