Dumping, Storage and Handling of Nuclear Waste in Deep Underground Mines


  • Amit Tiwari
  • Vinay Kumar Patel


Nations that utilization thermal power decide to store Low-Level and Intermediate-Level radioactive waste in mined vaults, which are comprised of a progression of passages or floats connected to removal burrows at a profundity of a couple hundred meters. Deserted mines might be utilized as waste dumps, and the flow research proposes that this could likewise be finished with High-Level Waste as spent reactor fuel. The strategy involves encasing such trash in metal canisters encompassed by vigorously compacted smectite dirt in both shallow mining storehouses and very profound drag openings. Transitional level radioactive waste, as heaps of metal canisters cast in low-pH concrete and imbedded in thick smectitic mud, might be discarded in caves.