Network Traffic Analysis Using Machine Learning


  • Tamtam Sunil Goud
  • Gorla Yaswanth
  • Shaik Sohail Ahammed
  • Sirisha Kamsali
  • M. Sri Lakshmi


Stood out from the past, upgrades in PC and correspondence developments have given wide and pushed changes. The utilization of new advancements gives fantastic benefits to individuals, associations, and states, nevertheless, messes face them. For example, the insurance of critical information, security of taken care of data stages, availability of data, etc. Dependent upon these issues, advanced dread based mistreatment is one of the main issues nowadays. Computerized dread, which made a ton of issues for individuals and foundations, has shown up at a level that could subvert open and public safety by various social affairs, for instance, criminal affiliations, capable individuals, and advanced activists. Thusly, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) have been made to avoid advanced attacks