A Study on Influence of Working Environment on Teaching Efficiency of Primary School Teachers Working in Different Schools of Kathua District.


  • Pooja
  • Suman


A work environment is the settings in which a person works. It includes the social environment as well as physical conditions of that place which impacts the feelings of wellbeing, workplace relationships and efficiency of the persons working over there. The teacher has a major role in educational development whether he approaches his work actively or passively and for teaching efficiently the teacher must have a good positive working environment. This study aims to quantitatively assess the influence of working environment on teaching efficiency of primary school teachers working in different schools of Kathua district. In the study a sample of 120 teachers (60 males and 60 females) was selected from different primary schools of Kathua district. Teacher effectiveness scale and Work environment scale was used to collect data. Mean, Standard Deviation, Standard Error Deviation, t-test and ANOVA were calculated for the analysis of data. The findings of the study shows that there is interactional effect of good, average and poor work environment on teaching efficiency of teachers.