Comparison of the Light Source Between the Wide and Narrow Bands of the Experimental Results of Free Optical Space


  • Mohamed Mansour Shukra
  • Alsanossi M. Aboghrara
  • Ahmed Imsaeri Omar Imsaeri


   In this paper, the experimental results of free-space optical communication between broadband and narrowband light source are compared. Verifying the feasibility of broad-spectrum FSO communication link through

atmospheric turbulence can be achieved by reducing the inter-symbol interference caused by excessive noise with addition of adaptive equalizer.a free-space optical (FSO) communication system with supercontinuum source generated by dispersion shift fiber (DSF) from pulsed light modulated by optical switches is designed and constructed. In addition,

The experimental results show that the super continuum can be used as the optical signal carrier, and the signal can be wirelessly transmitted under the space atmospheric channel condition.