Conservation of Biological Diversity in India: Role of Judiciary


  • Prof.(Dr.) Sudhir Kumar
  • Indra Kumar Singh


Environment Protection and Conservation of Biological Diversity has become not only a matter of national importance but of global concern too.. It is now a well recognized fact that without a clean environment the very continuance of humankind is in peril. Diminishing environmental quality has been shown by surging pollution levels, loss of vegetative cover and Biological Diversity, imprudent concentration of hazardous chemicals in the visible atmosphere and food chains, increasing perils of environmental mishaps and warnings to associated life and life support systems. This has brought the curiosity of entire global community which forced them to preserve, safeguard and intensify their efforts in boosting the environmental quality. Judiciary is only an alarm bell and not a timekeeper. So how could the judiciary remain a mute onlooker when the matter has gained such a high relevance and become a subject of circumspection and judicial cognizance.