Need To Think Before We Act React or Use Social Media


  • Madhu Bala
  • Amit Kumar


Social media has strongly influenced the people and the whole world.  It is a technology that helps the people to interact and connect by producing, sharing, and sometimes exchanging ideas, images, videos and many more over the internet in virtual communities’. From making connections through worldwide connectivity, from online businesses to digital marketing, from creating brand loyalty to awareness, social media has tremendously affected our lives. We feel blessed to have social media in our lives. But it is a fact too that for millions of years, our forefathers formed important social links and shared information through them. So at the most basic level, social media is not changing humankind so much as tapping into what we have always been. Online social networks are a new way to do an old thing. In different places in different times horses, ships, trains, and planes delivered the information to maintain and build connectivity. Then came era of Telegram, Radio, Telephone and Telecommunication satellites to quicken the pace of communication. We always have been linked to others. What is different about the present scenario of social media is that now we have the ability to connect to vastly more people over greater distance than ever before more immediately and more instantaneously. Whether this will enhance or debase our humanity in the long run is an open question. Nobody can deny the fact that using social media excessively can cause disastrous issues, which can have adverse impact on our lives.