Conceptualization of the term “Marital Rape” Regarding Controversies in Bangladesh : A Qualitative Study


  • Josinta Zinia
  • Jafrin Mahmud


A single woman when gets the outfit by societal law as a married woman the surroundings of that woman gets quite in a changing dilemma or may not be in a dilemma. In Bangladesh, a term turns into a sensitive issue which seems to be a matter of harassing someone’s family matters or outburst of feminism to most of the people like us. And the term is ‘marital rape.’ As majority of our population is Muslim, so some thinks that this is absolutely a man made feminist concept whether a girl is married means she is totally the property of her better half. She has no right to speak about her cohabitation activities neither complain to anyone. However, here comes a short glimpse to focus on this issue in our country like Bangladesh.