A comparative study on the perception of school and college teachers towards work from home during the Covid19 pandemic


  • Soumya Paul


The world is going through times it has never ever experienced before. The covid pandemic has taken its toll not only on the human lives but also the way people live. Right from wearing masks, to online classes, to working from home, every aspect of our lives has changed. It has become the new normal and will take some time to go back. Aim of this study is to find out the perception of the college and school teachers towards work from home during the covid pandemic with regards to various parameters like time involved, workload, effort involved, work satisfaction and so on. The results of this study indicate that the school teachers experience more workload than the college teachers while working from home. Similarly, the time spent in online teaching is more for school teachers than their counterparts. Also as far as work life balance is concerned, the college teachers enjoy a favourable position.