Climate Changes and its Psychological Impacts on the Human Behavior: Case Study in Koforidua Municipal

Psychological and Emotional Climate Change Controllers in life




The human intellect is the master control room towards attitudinal behavior. We respond to sound at various frequencies through stimuli. The ability to respond to good music is humanly triggered through inter – brain connection where hearts responds to joy is at the same frequency. This study tries to assess the psychological effect of music on human’s personality especially during occasions. It tries to also evaluate the effect of alcohol and other stimulants on the human brain and its responds to music through dancing. The study establishes that, human’s anxiety and quest for riches and glory in life is never met. Most results are obtained from school dropouts and graduates without jobs. They therefore sort for first hand pain relief; hence the use of all kinds of alcoholic drinks to stimulate the nerves in the brain for happiness. This paper investigates climate change on a sociology background exploring climatical changes in human behavior through music in Ghana with Koforidua as a sample study area. This study concludes with suggestions for researchers interested in developing knowledge about behavioral change and psychological response to climate changes. Research findings indicate that about 99.8% of the people in Koforidua are not on the street but will continue to showcase of all forms of psychological behaviors at functions due to climate changes caused by stimulants such as alcohol.