Brand Integration must be treated methodically in M&A


  • Dr. Vidya Hattangadi


Mergers and acquisitions is common practice in the business world. It allows corporate ambitions to soar. M & A makes its effects in the areas of corporate finances, management and strategy dealing, human resources, marketing, sales, R&D and infrastructure of the firm. In short everything changes in the corporate entity when it gets purchased by another corporate or it joins with another corporate.

Though the two are often mentioned together, a merger is very different from an acquisition. A merger involves two corporate entities joining forces and becoming a new business entity, with a new name. It usually involves two companies of same size and stature joining hands. An acquisition, on the other hand, involves one bigger business taking over a smaller company which may be absorbed into the parent company or run as a subsidiary. The company being taken over is referred to as the ‘target company’ in the corporate world.