The Study of Promotion Campaigns that Effect Brand Choice of Quick Service Restaurant (QRS) in Bangkok focusing in KFC, McDonald’s and Burger King.


  • Sumas Wongsunopparat
  • Idahosa Ben Obomwan


Understanding consumer buying behavior is one of the elements that helps in achieving marketing goals, and winning the hearts of customers is a huge task without a well-organized promotion campaign it is likely to fail. Hence, this study aims to determine the promotion techniques that can influence the consumer buying behavior of Quick Service Restaurant (QRS) in Bangkok, focusing on McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC. A sample size of 400 customers were randomly targeted with 30 pilot tests conducted and Item-Objective Congruence (IOC) was also used to review each of the questionnaires.

A quantitative analysis was an appropriate choice of the data analysis. The methodology used to analyze the influence of promotion campaigns that affect brand choice in this study is called Multinomial Logistic Regression.  The use of the SPSS as a software was used to analyze the data adequately and in consideration of this, the formulation of the various charts and figures were also made in accordance with it.

The result from the study can be outlined that; the customers of these Quick Service Restaurants are most attracted by constant promotions such as price discount, Coupons, buy one get one free, free Drinks and fries or salad.  Moreover, the generic choice of the customers turned out to be the Burger King, as well, no significant difference was found between the choices of brands across genders.

Before any product or service can be sold, the use of promotional techniques and proper communication channels is very necessary for achieving the target objectives of that organization, there exists correlation between sales promotion and customer buying behavior in the short term. However, in the long run, no such associations have been established. Hence, the Quick Service restaurants like the KFC, Burger King and the Mc Donald’s would now be required to rely on advertising as well to build long term equity and loyalty. Thus, it can also be extended and applicable to other QSR in Bangkok.