Secure Data Sharing Scheme using Cryptographic Algorithm for Cloud Storage


  • Poonam Singh
  • Kushal Joshi


Data integrity and data confidentiality are two important requirements for open cloud environment. Cloud computing has emerged as a long-dreamt vision of the utility computing paradigm that provides reliable and resilient infrastructure for users to remotely store access data and use on-demand applications and services. In this paper, we design and developed Secure Data Sharing Scheme for dynamic groups in public cloud environment. In this scheme, user is able to share data with others in the group without revealing characteristics privacy to the cloud. Moreover, this approach supports efficient user deletion and fresh user joining. Hence, efficient user deletion can be achieved through a public revocation list without harming security of the other remaining users in user portal. In addition, the storage overhead and the encryption decryption computation time is minimized even multiple groups are requested for the file access. Widespread analyses of our data sharing scheme which show that this is satisfies the desired security requirements along with the secure sharing with other and preserve privacy policy when group sharing is processed that guarantees efficiency as well.