Manufacturing device to investigation of how the steel beam shape effect on deflection magnitude.


  • Talib Sabah Hussein


This paper describe that how the shape of the beam (hollow, solid rectangle, solid circular beam) influences the magnitude of beam deflection, when it is having the same material and same cross-section area, to measure a horizontal deflection of the beam. Two methods are used, the cantilever-supported and simply-supported beam. By applying the multi-loads from (4.905 to 58.86N) using dial Gauge Indicator (DGI) measurement by the manufactured device as shown in figure 5 (a), and Theoretical measurement (TM). The comparison is made to check the effectiveness and strength of the beam, the experimental and theoretical result proofed that the (Hollow rectangle beam) it has a minimum deflection is ( 3% TM, 16% DGI and 4% TM, 15% DGI) by cantilever-supported and simply- supported method respectively, compared with a (solid rectangle and solid circular beams). It is noticed logically that the beam that a solid cross-section is less susceptible to deflection from the hollow cross-section. But practical experiments proved the opposite. This accuracy or convergence by measurement proves the effectiveness of the manufactured device in this study despite its simplicity of design and its low cost, which does not exceed (1-2%) if compared to the other devices such as scale of Rockwell or universal hydraulic machine EPP300, wich used for the same purpose.