The Impact of Open Network Digital Commerce (ONDC) on India’s E-Commerce Ecosystem


  • Richa Tiwari
  • Swarnika Rastogi
  • Ronil Kothari
  • Lakshay Dungarwal
  • Devansh Bhootra
  • Preksha J


This comprehensive analysis examines the significance, challenges, recommendations, and future scope of the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) in India's evolving e-commerce landscape. The findings highlight ONDC's potential to democratize the sector by promoting inclusivity, transparency, and competition, particularly benefiting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) and consumers. The discussion underscores the importance of addressing regulatory, technical, and adoption challenges while leveraging ONDC's potential to bridge the digital divide, empower underserved communities, and drive innovation. Despite the promising future scope, the abstract also acknowledges the competitive landscape and regulatory complexities ONDC must navigate to realize its transformative vision fully. This analysis concludes that ONDC, with strategic collaboration and innovation, can significantly contribute to India's socio-economic development and global competitiveness in the digital age.




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