Ethical Hacking - Comparative Study between Different Countries


  • Pavan Patil
  • Naveen Kumar
  • Ajmal S
  • Yiga Raymond
  • Prof. Sunetra Chatterjee


Ethical hacking is a technique used by an individual or a company to detect the potential threats on a computer or network. A person who performs these techniques is called an ethical hacker. An ethical hacker acts as hacker but in an ethical way. An ethical hacker analysis the code used in the system and detects the weak points where hacking is possible. Then provides the information to improve the system security. Hacking is the method for figuring out the shortcomings and weaknesses in the framework or PC organization. It is a method for portraying the strategy of hacking in a moral manner for any organization. The moral programmer has a great reason to make it happen. In reality, it has turned into the overall discernment to us for programmers that he will be awful, devotees, criminals, and dishonest. Fundamentally a portion of the programmer has even done severely for certain associations like they have taken vital data of their clients.